We put the play in quantum education

Why not contemplate a quick game of quantum tic-tac-toe right now?

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We develop and use quantum games for…


Being able to use future quantum technology means educating yourself and the next generation. Let’s do so together!


Looking for a fun addition or icebreaker for your event? Why not have a TiqTaqToe tournament?


Want some help with adding scientifically correct quantum themes to your project? Reach out!

Why gamify quantum?

Games are the perfect medium for a fun and easy introduction to quantum technology. No matter your age or background, getting used to the phenomena that quantum technology enables, and how they can be used, can all be done via quantum games. In our experience even quantum experts can get new intuitive insights.

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Why Choose QuantumPlayed?


We know quantum games, and we know how to use them to their full potential. Having been amongst the first quantum game creators, we have a wide network of trusted partners.


Not everyone takes the term ‘games’ seriously. We understand, and we know how to bring the topic of gamification to the table while keeping the discussion focused on serious issues.

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